Physician Loans Explainer Video

You’ve worked very hard to become a doctor – and buying home shouldn’t be nearly as difficult.

Did you know there is a special loan that makes it easy for physicians to buy a home?

A home loan just for physicians?

Yup, physicians get their own loan!

A physician home loan is a specialized loan program created for…

…medical students residents


…established physicians

in the home buying process.

Many doctors may not qualify for conventional loans for various reasons such as minimal savings for a down payment, large student loan debt or little to no work history.

Despite these reasons some lenders know that physicians are a good bet because they traditionally have an extremely low default rate on loans, high earning potential and stable jobs.

Not all banks offer this specialized product and within banks that do simply talking to the right mortgage loan officer makes a tremendous difference.

These programs offer:

• Typically does not include student loan monthly payments in debt-to-income ratio.
• Require low to no down payment (0-5 percent).
• Usually does not require private mortgage insurance (PMI), even if lower than 20 percent down payment.
• Will accept an agreement as evidence of future earnings, in lieu of pay stubs or W-2s, which don’t yet exist.

Buying a home doesn’t have to drain your savings and the process doesn’t have to drain your time.

Doctors, get the home of your dreams with our physician home loan program!

We are here to assist you throughout the physician loan process :: because you deserve it!